Jeanne Mammen

Queers we should learn in art school// Jeanne Mammen, 1890-1976

Jeanne Mammen. Two Women, Dancing, 1928

Jeanne Mammen. Two Women, Dancing, 1928

“I have always wanted to be just a pair of eyes, walking through the world unseen, only to be able to see others.”
Jeanne Mammen was a painter and illustrator of the Weimar period known for her portrayals of powerful, ideal women-- thoroughly modern divas, flappers and vamps-- in Germany. She worked as a magazine illustrator in the years just before World War II, one of the first in a generation of female artists who were able to work independently and enjoy unprecedented freedom. She captured the expanding city of Berlin in the 20's, its theatres, cabarets and "ladies clubs" which featured a flourishing lesbian subculture. Her groundbreaking portrayals feature women confident in their own beauty and sexuality.

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